Statement by the Dr Rath Health Foundation
in Connection with the Recent Court Case
in Cape Town, South Africa

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Response by the Dr. Rath Foundation to the Recent Statement by the South African Academy of Sciences on the Role of Nutrition in the Fight Against Immune Deficiencies and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Raxit Jariwalla and Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki

>> Read more

South African Lawsuit Exposes
Pharmaceutical Colonialism

South Africa is the one of the countries hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic – and a multibillion dollar market for pharmaceutical drugs. Now, two organizations promoting these antiretroviral drugs (ARV) have staged in a showdown in court between these highly toxic ARVs and the use of micronutrients as key factors to fight immune deficiencies. The “South African Medical Association” (SAMA) and a group of ARV street promoters have jointly challenged Dr. Rath, a pioneer in vitamin research, and the South African government. Now Dr. Rath has filed his analysis of pharmaceutical colonialism and its genocidal consequences for the people in the developing world in this landmark court case, a must-read for everyone interested in health and social justice.
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Reactions To Dr. Rath's Analysis (Selected):
>> Apartheid regime 'part of global drug firms' plot'
Cape Times - May 11, 2007

The Case of the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

BMJ pays out to doctor over 'child death' story (PressGazette.co.uk)

Read the background of this case

Open Letter by Dr. Matthias Rath to Fiona Godlee, Editor of the BMJ:

I trust that you are aware of the devastating publication by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) of an article discrediting me and the effect of treatments which result from my research in the field of natural control of cancer..."

Open letter from Dr. Matthias Rath MD
to German Chancellor Merkel

Millions of People in Germany Are No Longer Willing to Be Treated as Fools!

>> Read more

$170 Billion And Counting –
Latest AIDS Drug Study Heavily Flawed

The Treatment Action Campaign has welcomed research recently published in The Lancet supposedly showing that cocktails of AIDS drugs cut the rate of disease progression by 86%. Unfortunately, that research is badly flawed and completely unreliable. The following letter from Dr David Rasnick PhD, Visiting Scholar, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley, to the editor of the Business Day newspaper which prominently carried the TAC’s comments, shows why.

>> Read Dr. Rasnick's letter to the editor of "Business Day"
>> Read the study on the Lancet website 

International Alliance for
Health, Peace and Social Justice

The International Alliance for Health, Peace and Social Justice is a global movement which aims to create a healthy, peaceful and just world by uniting people from all nations, cultures, races and creeds in a common effort to achieve these goals.

For decades, national and international political institutions have promised to help create such a world. However, at the beginning of the 21 st century, we are further than ever from its establishment and the time has come for new thinking.

We therefore invite all individuals and organizations (both national and international) to join with us and work toward the achievement of our goals of a world without disease, warfare or social injustice.

>> Visit the Website

Press Release

The end of the AIDS epidemic is in sight!

Millions of lives can be saved now – naturally!

On June 15 2005, before a capacity audience, attended by the representatives of local and international media, dozens of patients gathered to document with their own lives, that the cause of AIDS can be drastically reversed naturally!

The historic event which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, was a watershed as it showed that health improvements of the patients were achieved following nutritional health program without concurrent ARV drugs. Known symptoms of AIDS, including ulcers, skin rashes, joint pains, fatigue and other related symptoms significantly decreased or disappeared. Evidentially, with micronutrients alone, those living with AIDS can lead almost normal lives again.

>> Read the Complete Press Release here...

You can also view the videos of the press conference
online (RealOne Player):

Dr. Matthias Rath - introduction:

Dr. Matthias Rath


 The Patients Talk:

The Patients Talk:


The Patients Talk:

Dr. Matthias Rath on the consequences:


Dr. Matthias Rath
on the consequences




Panic over drug money revelations:
TAC rushes to Court

The Treatment Action Campaign has sued the Dr. Rath Health Foundation for an interdict to gag us from continuing to inform the people of South Africa about the nature of their activities ('Do You Want to March With the ARV Drug Pushers?'). On March 3, 2006, the High Court of Cape Town hast cast a landmark verdict exposing the devastating consequences of the TAC's activities for the health and lives of the people of South Africa.

>> The Truth About The TAC...

Read the Report of the underground activities of the TAC by a 'TAC Mole'

By Anthony Rees

TAC "demonstrators" paid with food to come to the picket at the high court, Cape Town, 26 May.
>> Watch the video!

Cape Town, 26 May:  Zacki Achmat finally admits: “I take my vitamins every day!” …but the public continues to be kept in the dark on the real power of vitamins for HIV/AIDS patients.
>> Watch the video!

Cellular medicine achieves breakthrough in fight against AIDS

Cellular Medicine, it has become clear, can also combat AIDS, the illness which attacks the immune system. Not only can Cellular Medicine decisively improve the immune system of AIDS patients, but in many cases it even reverses AIDS symptoms. Following its conquest of cardiovascular disease and the death sentence of cancer, Cellular Medicine has now declared war on the third great epidemic of our age, the immune system-weakening disease AIDS.
>> More...

The Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel Launches
World War III To Prevent the Construction
of a Healthy World

Never before in the history of mankind was a greater crime committed than the genocide organized by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in the interest of the multibillion-dollar investment business with disease. Hundreds of millions of people have died unnecessarily from AIDS, cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases and the only reason that these epidemics are still haunting mankind is that they are the multibillion-dollar marketplace for the pharmaceutical drug cartel.
>> More...

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter...
>> Read Reactions to Dr. Rath's Open Letter...
>> Complaint of Genocide at the International Criminal Court in The Hague
>> Micronutrients Can Reverse the Course of AIDS — Vitamin Project...
>> Download PDF (343 kB) ... 

Call to the People and Governments of the World

Stop AIDS Genocide
By the Drug Cartel!

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has become one of the greatest threats to mankind ever. The African continent is hardest hit. According to the UN, 22 million Africans have already died from AIDS and every new day takes the lives of 6000 more African men, women and children.
This human tragedy has become a multi-billion dollar market for the pharmaceutical investment business - the drug cartel - in which the return on investment is based on the continuation of the AIDS epidemic.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter...
>> Read Reactions to Dr. Rath's Open Letter...
>> Complaint of Genocide at the International Criminal Court in The Hague
>> Micronutrients Can Reverse the Course of AIDS — Vitamin Project...
>> Download PDF (343 kB) ... 

Breakthrough in Jordan: Nutrition plan to cover all
first to sixth grade schoolchildren

By the end of 2008 the School Nutrition Programme (SNP) will cover all first to sixth grade schoolchildren in accordance with a plan to be implemented next year, a Ministry of Education (MoE) official said on Thursday. The International Cooperation in 1999/2000 was designed to boost the health of impoverished students suffering from severe micronutrient deficiencies. Under the SNP, students are provided with a daily mid-morning snack containing essential vitamins.

There is no Health Freedom
as Long as it is Enslaved
by the Drug Cartel

Read this public health information (PDF, 2.72 MB)

Public Health Information by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation to the People of South Africa and the World:

Clinical Proof: Micronutrients Reverse the Course of AIDS!

Over the past two decades the AIDS epidemic has grown into a health problem unparalleled in human history. Millions of people have already died and tens of millions of people are hoping for and expecting solutions that would spare them a similar fate. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, the finding that the amino acid lysine in combination with certain other micronutrients can block the spread of viruses through the connective tissue of our body paves the way for the control of this disease - by natural means.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter and all related documents
>> In Zulu: Chofoza lapha (PDF, 88 kB)
>> Send Us Your Feedback
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 271 kB)

Do You Want to March
With the TAC? Think!

Read this public health information (PDF, 143 kB)

No Censorship of Life-Saving
Natural Health Information

The people of South Africa now have the historic opportunity to liberate themselves from the yoke of HIV/AIDS and many other diseases. The solution to these health epidemics does not come from high-priced and toxic pharmaceutical drugs but from public education about the dramatic health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter and all related documents
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 144 kB)
>> In Zulu: Chofoza lapha
>> In Xhosa: Cofa apha

Cancer Enabling Enzyme
Can Be Blocked Naturally

Danish Research Confirms Cancer Breakthrough Approach by Dr. Rath

A discovery made by Dr. Mathias Rath on how nutrient synergy can halt the cascading series of events that lead to the metastasis of cancer has been recently confirmed by Research done at Copenhagen University and published in the International Journal of Cancer.

>> More...

M&G disclaimer

Why should South Africans
continue to be poisoned with AZT?


On 1 July 2004, a landmark study by Harvard University was published in one of the world's leading medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine, summed up the same day by the world's most influential and respected newspaper, the New York Times: 'The study found that daily doses of multivitamins slow down the disease and cut the risk of developing AIDS in half.'

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter here
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 167 kB)
>> In Xhosa: Cofa apha

The Treatment Information Group and the Dr. Rath Health Foundation have launched a public education programme to break the silence about the natural answer to AIDS.

>> Find out more about the Treatment Information Group

Break the Chains of
Pharmaceutical Colonialism

Public Lecture in Cape Town — November 25, 2004

Dr. Matthias Rath,
Adv. Anthony Brink

Time: 6:30pm — Venue: Rylands Comunity Hall
next to Gatesville Medical Centre and Samaj Centre —
Admission Free!

>> More Information on the Public Lecture...

>> Read About the Whole Campaign...
>> Sign the Petition Online...
>> Inform a Friend About the Campaign...

>> Who We Are ...

Break the Chains of
Pharmaceutical Colonialism

The Nature of the Pharmaceutical Business with Disease

The pharmaceutical business is an investment industry and not a health industry. It is conducting the largest fraud in the history of mankind by deceptively promising health; yet its entire existence is dependent on the continuation and expansion of diseases. The colossal profits of this racket derive from the sale of expensive patented drugs and its trillion-dollar market is reliant on the continuation of human disease.

Why the Attack on Natural and Traditional Medicine in South Africa

The pharmaceutical cartel is currently pouring billions into the developing world, especially South Africa, in order to maintain its drug monopoly on world health, suppress breakthroughs in natural health and prevent the collapse of its fraudulent investment business.

Radio-Interviews with Dr. Rath on this Campaign
>> 5 minute interview on MetroFM, 12 Oct. 2004
     (Text as PDF - 15kB)
>> One hour interview on Kaya FM, 11 Oct. 2004
     (Text as PDF - 80kB)
>> Interview on SAFM, 8 October 2004

You may need the RealOne Player to hear these files. Download it for free here.

>> Read About the Whole Campaign...
>> Sign the Petition Online...
>> Inform a Friend About the Campaign...

>> Who We Are ...

Press Release: Medicines Control Council threatens lawsuit to silence charge that its members are
‘directly or indirectly on the payroll’
of the pharmaceutical industry.

On Thursday, 14 October 2004, the South African Medicines Control Council (MCC) tried to prevent the Mail & Guardian newspaper from republishing a claim that its members are directly or indirectly dependent on the pharmaceutical investment industry. This accusation was made in a signature campaign call by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation under the title: ‘Break the Chains of Pharmaceutical Colonialism.’

>> Read the Press Release...
>> Read the Submission that triggered the MCC's panic...
>> Read the MCC’s lawyers’ letter threatening to sue
the Dr. Rath Health Foundation for defamation...
(PDF, 191 kB)
>> Read the MCC’s lawyers’ letter withdrawing their threat... (PDF, 205 kB)

In Zulu

Chofoza lapha

In Xhosa

Cofa apha
In Sesotho

Tobetsa mona
In Afrikaans

Kliek hier

George Bush - Do Not
Start World War III

The world is on the brink of World War III. Never before in history has a war with weapons of mass destruction been so likely than in the next few weeks. The greatest threat to trigger such a war does not come from a group of terrorists hidden in the Hindu Kush mountains. It comes from the Bush administration. For the next four weeks, no one anywhere in the world has a greater interest in an escalating international crisis and a new war than the Bush administration.

The Bush administration has a problem that it cannot solve in any other way: the imminent breakdown of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry from an avalanche of product liability lawsuits.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter here
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 112 kB)

Big Corporations keep in touch with us

Microsoft Redmond (USA) spend 200 hours last month on our website to investigate the possibilities on natural health

>> more...

Published on August 19, 2004 in The Mercury (Durban)

Call to All Representatives of the Countries of the Non Aligned Movement

The creation of a new Alliance of Nations to replace the United Nations is an urgent and essential task particularly for the governments of all developing and threshold countries. This step has become inevitable because the United Nation's framework of international law protecting the smaller countries from being attacked by superior powers is no longer existent.
>> more...

World Health Alphabetization in Action

New Natural Health Book Launched :

The Secret Of Cells! -
The Secret Of You!

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation Africa makes this book by Mirja Holtrop and Matthias Rath MD available for free download and print for any developing country. If you would like to make a professional reprint for your community, schools, or national education program, please contact us here.

Free download here (PDF, 3,7 MB) or view this book online... (please note that you need at least 1024*768 in order to view this book correctly on your screen).

Number One Priority for the new Democratic Administration
A Patients' Bill of Rights

This open letter was first published in the New York Times on Thursday, 29 July 2004 in a special edition marking the Democratic presidential election conference. The statements of this open letter were reviewed and approved by the legal department of the world's most influential newspaper.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter here
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 198 kB)

Interview with Dr. Rath on the
need for a new Alliance of Nations

Read the interview with Dr. Rath
Download the interview with Dr. Rath
(PDF, 210 kB)

The United Nations
Committed Suicide!

US Administrator Paul Bremer fled Iraq on June 28 like a thief in the night. George Bush and his administration in the meantime are trying to sell their conquest of Iraq to the people of the world as a contribution to a safer world. Yet everyone knows that the opposite is true.

Six billion people around the world are waking up to the frightening reality that the United Nations as a guarantor of peace and security no longer exists. For the second time in the history of mankind an international organization - explicitly created to maintain peace and international security - has been destroyed. After the demise of the League of Nations 70 years ago, the United Nations committed political suicide in June 2004. 

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter here
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 429 kB)

No Freedom, No Democracy
Without Health Literacy!

Blueprint for Building a Healthy Nation

World Health Alphabetization (WHA):

With his call for a World Health Alphabetization (WHA) Dr. Rath takes his advocacy one step further towards health improvement on a global scale. He chose to publish this programmatic call in South Africa because the South African government is an internationally recognized leader in the battle of mankind to liberate itself from the yoke of the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' and to establish health as a human right.

>> Read Dr. Rath's Open Letter here
>> Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 84 kB)

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Dr Matthias Rath is the physician and scientist who led the breakthrough discoveries in the natural control of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic health conditions.
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A complete overview of Dr. Rath's campaign including full background information on all the issues.
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Up to date news and comment about worldwide developments

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>> Business with Disease
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